Cal State LA (train station)

Cal State LA (train station)

Cal State LA
Metrolink and LA Metro station
Cal State LA Metro Silver Line westbound platform.
Station statistics
Address 5150 State University Drive
Los Angeles, California, 90032
Line(s) Metrolink Metro Liner
 Silver Line
Connections Children's Court Shuttle, ACT Shuttle, Monterrey Park Spirit Park Bus
Platforms 1 side platform (Metrolink), 2 side platforms (Metro Silver Line)
Tracks 4
Parking Yes
Other information
Opened 1973
Owned by California State University, Los Angeles Consortium
Operator Metro
Preceding station     Following station
San Bernardino Line
toward San Bernardino
Metro Liner
Silver Line

Cal State LA (officially Cal State Los Angeles)[1] is a Metrolink station serving the San Bernardino Line and also a station for the Metro Silver Line and other bus rapid transit services which run on the El Monte Busway. Local bus services operate from outside the station. The Silver Line station is heavily used by Cal State LA students. With the "Silver 2 Silver" program, patrons who have Metro passes can use the Foothill Transit's Silver Streak bus between Downtown Los Angeles and El Monte Station at no additional charge. Similarly, Foothill Transit Silver Streak riders may use their passes on the Metro Silver Line between El Monte Station and Downtown Los Angeles.

Layout and platforms

Transitway platform Silver Line toward El Monte (Terminus)
Silver Line toward Harbor Gateway Transit Center (LA County+USC Medical Center)
Metrolink platform San Bernardino Line toward Union Station (Terminus)
San Bernardino Line toward San Bernardino (El Monte)

The station is situated on Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway) and the San Bernardino Line and can be access from Campus Road close to California State University, Los Angeles. A single railway platform is used for rail services in both directions; platforms for the Silver Line are located on both sides of the Interstate 10 with the far platform being accessed using stairs and lifts.

Just west of this station the transitway lanes "crossover" (the westbound lanes are south of the eastbound lanes), and they stay that way until the end near Union Station, and just east of this station the transitway moves off the separate right of way and move into the middle of Interstate 10.

Transitway Services

Metro Silver Line stops on the Silver Line platforms. The station is split into two platforms. One platform is for the eastbound Metro Silver Line buses and the other one is for westbound Silver Line buses. All transitway buses stop at the same Silver Line platforms.

Other express bus services can be accessed from the Silverline platforms

  • Metro Express: 485 (M-F Only), 487, 489 (M-F Rush Hour A.M. only for West & P.M. Only for East)
  • Foothill Transit: 481, 493, 497, 498, 499, 699, Silver Streak

Local bus services

Other local bus stops. Access from the top floor via the platform bridge.

  • Metro Local: 71, 256, 665
  • El Sol: East Los Angeles College/City Terrace route, Children's Court Shuttle
  • ACT: Blue
  • Monterey Park: 5 from local bus stops outside station.

Station Photos


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