Candida tropicalis

Candida tropicalis

Candida tropicalis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Subphylum: Saccharomycotina
Class: Saccharomycetes
Order: Saccharomycetales
Family: Saccharomycetaceae
Genus: Candida
Species: C. tropicalis
Binomial name
Candida tropicalis
Berkhout, 1923[1]

Candida tropicalis is a species of yeast in the genus Candida. It is easily recognized as a common medical yeast pathogen, existing as part of the normal human flora. Candida tropicalis is a glucose and maltose fermenting yeast. It does not ferment lactose nor hydrolyze urea and has variable results when tested for sucrose, galactose, and trehalose fermentation. Candida tropicalis is a common species isolated from the blood that is not Candida albicans.


Candida tropicalis can be used to produce biodiesel from olive tree.

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