Aşk Tutulması

Aşk Tutulması

Aşk Tutulması
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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Murat Şeker
Produced by Timur Savcı
Murat Şeker
Written by Murat Şeker
Selami Genli
Starring Tolgahan Sayışman
Fahriye Evcen
Tim Seyfi
Music by Serhat Ersöz
Cinematography Murat Tuncel
Release date(s) 24 October 2008
Running time 90 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Aşk Tutulması is a 2008 Turkish romantic comedy film written and directed by Murat Şeker. It stars Tolgahan Sayışman and Fahriye Evcen in the lead roles.


Uğur Yiğit is a salesman and fanatic Fenerbahçe fan. Pınar is a successful but headstrong woman who works in an insurance company. Both are under pressure from their families to marry and settle down. Uğur's and Pınar's mothers who are close friends, decide to match them together. However, Uğur and Pınar meet for the first time by chance in a traffic accident when Uğur crashes his car into Pınar's, and they develop an intense rivalry. Their parents arrange a series of meetings between the two and they eventually fall in love.

As everything is going smoothly, they break up when one of Uğur's "totems" over a football match results in a fight between him and Pınar's father. Pınar who is asthmatic, becomes very sick and is taken to hospital. Pınar's boss, Burçaslan who is obsessed with her, tries to threaten and then bribe Uğur to leave the city for a sum of money, but he refuses. Pınar's parents inform Uğur about her condition and he rushes to the hospital. Uğur and his friends decide to do a grand "totem" over Pınar's health. Pınar returns to good health and then she and Uğur get married in the end.


  • Tolgahan Sayışman - Uğur
  • Fahriye Evcen - Pınar
  • Tim Seyfi - Burçaslan
  • Ali Erkazan - Mustafa
  • Suzan Aksoy - Makbule
  • Ayten Uncuoğlu - Latife
  • Murat Akkoyunlu - Hiko
  • Yasemin Öztürk - Müge
  • Sarp Apak - Cameo
  • Feridun Düzağaç - Cameo
  • Erhan Emre Konuk - Oyuncu
  • Rahşan Gülşen - Pervin
  • Begüm Akkaya - Gamze
  • Filiz Ahmet - Eczacı
  • Şener Savaş - Uğur
  • Cahit Kaşıkçılar - Berber


  • Beyazperde - Aşk Tutulması

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