Genç Fenerbahçeliler

Genç Fenerbahçeliler

Genç Fenerbahçeliler
Abbreviation GFB, Genç FB
Formation 1998
Leader Turkey Sefa Kalya

Genç Fenerbahçeliler (English: Young Fenerbahçe Supporters) is a supporter group of Turkish sports club Fenerbahçe S.K.. Founded in 1998 by the group leader Sefa Kalya (a.k.a. Sefa Reis).[1][2][3]

Genç Fenerbahçeliler has nine subgroups such as 1907 Gençlik (1907 Youngs, founded 2000 as a different supporters organization then merged with GFB in 2001), GFB Europe, Lise GFB (High School GFB, founded by high school students in 2002), Cruel Boys, UniGFB (founded by university students in 2001), GFB’s Angels (women organization), Devil's of GFB (founded in 2004), Until The Grave (founded in 2009) ve Boğaz Hooligans (Bosphorus Hooligans, founded in 2010).


Its aim is to unconditionally support Fenerbahçe and its motto is Orada burada her yerde GFS (English: Over there, here, everywhere: GFB)

GFB in Turkey

They are known as "The Lion's Feed" [4]

GFB in Europe

Most organized group in Europe of a Turkish club with its large number of member. There are 17 different countries (Turkey, Republic of Northern Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland) have members of the GFB.[5]

Relationships with other clubs

More recently, in November 2011, Fenerbahçe's GFB created a friendly relationship with Bosnian club FK Novi Pazar's supporters Torcida Sandžak. During a Turkish Süper Lig match against İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor at the Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium, the GFB and 1907 Gençlik stand deployed a giant banner reading "Kalbimiz Seninle Novi Pazar" (Novi Pazar, Our Heart Is With You)[6] and after then in Radnicki Kragujevac match of Serbian SuperLiga, Torcida Sandžak stand deployed a giant banner reading "Sancak'ta atıyor, Fenerbahçe'nin kalbi" (Heartbeating of Fenerbahçe in Sandžak).[7]

On March 2, 2012, Fenerbahçe's GFB and 1907 Gençlik supporters groups members invited to FK Novi Pazar for Partizan match in Serbian SuperLiga. Thousands Torcida Sandžak member welcomed GFB and 1907 Gençlik's 17 members.[8]


On 13 May 2013, a Fenerbahce fan stabbed to death after Istanbul derby. The Fenerbahce fan was on his way back home after the match between Fenerbace and Galatasaray, when he was attacked by a group of Galatasaray fans at a bus stop, and died in hospital later.[9]


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