Ian Rumfitt

Ian Rumfitt
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Analytic
Main interests Logic
Philosophy of language
Philosophy of mathematics
Frege · Metaphysics

Ian Rumfitt is a British philosopher currently serving as Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London.[1]


He was educated at Victoria College,Jersey, Balliol College, Oxford and Princeton University, and has taught at Keele University, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and at University College, Oxford as a tutorial fellow. His graduate studies at Oxford were supervised by Sir Michael Dummett.

His primary areas of research include the philosophy of language and the philosophy of logic; he also works in metaphysics, model theory, and the philosophy of mathematics, with an interest in the works of Gottlob Frege. He is noted for his analysis of negation, and for his defense of classical logic against such philosophers as Crispin Wright and Michael Dummett.[2]

He was keynote speaker at the Conference on Truth, Reference & Realism, at Central European University, 28–30 April 2005.[3]

In June 2011 his appointment to the advisory board of the New College of the Humanities was announced.[4]


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