Lars Jonson Haukaness

Lars Jonson Haukaness

Lars Jonson Haukaness (February 28, 1863 - September 4, 1929) was a Norwegian born American-Canadian impressionist painter and art instructor who was particularly noted for his landscapes.


Lars Jonson Haukaness was from the village of Folkedal, in Granvin municipality in the county of Hordaland, Norway. He was born the third of four sons of John Sjursen and Elisabet Haaversdatter on the Haukenæs farm in the Ulvik parish. From 1882 until 1885, he studied at the Royal Academy of Art (now the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry) with Knud Bergslien in Oslo.[1] [2]


In 1888, he immigrated to the United States locating in Chicago, Illinois. Haukaness was a designer and painter for the World's Columbian Exposition between 1892 and 1893. Works by Haukaness were exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1901 and 1902. Between 1902 and 1909, he lived in Madison, Wisconsin and Spring Grove, Minnesota where he worked as a portrait and landscape painter. From 1909 until 1913, he returned to Norway. Upon returning to the United States, Haukaness conducted exhibits in Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis.[3]

In 1921, Haukaness moved to Manitoba where he taught art in Winnipeg.[4] In 1923, he was awarded a prize at the Chicago-Norwegian Exhibition. Works by Haukaness were exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair in 1925. In 1926, Haukaness moved to Calgary where he taught at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (now Alberta College of Art and Design).[5] His students included Canadian artist Maxwell Bates.[6]


Art by Haukaness has been shown at exhibitions sponsored by St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota. Works by Haukaness are presently featured in several art museums including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and in the University of Alberta Art Collection.[7]


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