Arco (Renfe)

Arco (Renfe)

Arco No. 697 Garcia Lorca in its passage through the station Alzira (Valencia).

Arco is a commercial passenger train service operated in Spain by Renfe Operadora. Arco fully renovates and refurbishes Renfe's B11x-10200 series of passenger trains. New bogies, capable of working at 220 km/h, were added. The bogies are modified versions of model GC-1 by CAF, also known as GC-3, allowing a higher degree of comfort at higher speeds.


The Arco passenger trains work on the line BarcelonaMalagaSevillaBadajozAlmería- Granada, with the train known as Arco García Lorca; and since 5 May 2008, they also cover the line Basque CountryGalicia, known as Arco Camino de Santiago.

Until 2 May 2008, the trains were operating on the Mediterranean corridor, between Barcelona, Alicante and Murcia. There was also an Arco train service from Porbou / Cerbere (France) and Valencia Nord.

Technical data

  • Operated lines: Mediterranean Corridor Levante, Basque Country-Galicia
  • Manufacturers: Renfe, CAF
  • Units manufactured: 41
  • Year established: 1999
  • Top speed: 220 km/h
  • Commercial Speed: 200 km/h
  • Beam heating: Yes, 3 kV (CC)
  • Gauge: 1,668 mm

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