Art Stewart

Art Stewart

Art Stewart is a former scout and Director of Scouting for the Kansas City Royals, a Major League Baseball team.[1]


The New York Yankees hired Stewart as a scout in 1953.[2]

Stewart served as multiple different kinds of associates for the Kansas City Royals.[3] In 1985, Stewart served as a Director of Scouting.[3] In 1986, he was both, Scouting Director and Player Development.[3] From 1987 to 1997, he served as only a Scouting Director.[3] The next two years, from 1998 to 1999, Stewart became the Senior Special Assistant to General Manager.[3] From 2001 to 2005, Stewart become the Senior Advisor to the General Manager.[3]

Stewart is the longest tenured Kansas City Royals associate and he was inducted into the Kansas City Royals Baseball Hall of Fame during 2008 season, on June 28.[1][4] Stewart will represent the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame class of 2008, becoming the 23rd member of the elite group.[5] Stewart is the Kansas City Royals Senior Advisor to General Manager (GM) Dayton Moore.[5] 70 players that Stewart drafted have played Major League Baseball. Some players that he drafted include Bo Jackson, Kevin Appier, Brian McRae, Mike Sweeney, Johnny Damon, Joe Randa and Carlos Beltran.[4] Stewart has been an associate in baseball now for fifty-nine baseball seasons.[1] Stewart is currently in his forty-third season with the Kansas City Royals.[1]


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