Beatlemania Hamburg

Beatlemania Hamburg was a museum in Hamburg devoted to The Beatles.

The museum opened in May 2009 conceived as a "Beatles experience". It was located in the St. Pauli district, near the Beatles-Platz and the Große Freiheit, location of the clubs in which the Beatles played during their formative Hamburg period in the early 1960s.

A large model of a Yellow Submarine hanged above the entrance. The museum itself spanned five floors and contained 11 rooms, each with a different theme. The history of The Beatles from their Hamburg period to their break-up was displayed through a mixture of original exhibits, interactive features and fan memorabilia, as well as a reconstruction of the Große Freiheit street in 1960s style.


The museum closed its doors on 30 June 2012 "due to lack of interest".[1]

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