Blue Angel (nightclub)

Blue Angel (nightclub)

The Blue Angel is a nightclub in Liverpool, England. It is located where Seel Street meets Berry Street in Liverpool City Centre. It is a venue in Liverpool in which The Beatles, Rolling Stones,[1] Bob Dylan[2] and many other bands played at in the 1960s. It was historically a jazz club, but it now plays pop music.


The building in which the club is situated was the birthplace in 1805 of Dr William Henry Duncan and a plaque above the door commemorates this. The Beatles' original manager Allan Williams was once the owner of the club and reputedly ejected Judy Garland after the local premiere of their first film A Hard Day's Night in 1964.[3]

Pete Best's audition to join the Beatles took place in the Blue Angel on 12 August 1960.[4] The Blue Angel was also where the Beatles, in 1960, auditioned for impresario Larry Parnes landing them their first tour outside Liverpool, supporting singer Johnny Gentle on a tour of Scotland.[2]

After seeing Cilla Black performing "Bye Bye Blackbird" at the Blue Angel, Brian Epstein contracted Black as his only female client on 6 September 1963.[5]

The Blue Angel Today

The Blue Angel is popular among University of Liverpool students and is a popular destination for all faculties on Monday nights.

In 2008, DJ equipment was seized from the club, following a series of complaints from local residents about noise levels, since the clientele had to smoke outside the club following the introduction of the smoking ban. Blue Angel was banned from using its back yard.[6]

A support network, set up mainly by students and boasting a website was set up in order to "Save the Raz" from closure.[7]

In 2010 Blue Angel won the court battle to remain open and operate as normal.


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