Camp Platinum (Guantanamo)

Coordinates: 19°54′49.69″N 75°07′18.85″W / 19.9138028°N 75.1219028°W / 19.9138028; -75.1219028[1]

Camp Seven (also known as Camp Platinum) is the most secure camp known within the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba.[2][3] Its existence was kept secret for the first two years of its use. It was constructed to hold the fourteen "high-value detainees" who had been held by the CIA, and were transferred to military custody on September 6, 2006.

The detainees held in this camp are forced to don hoods when they are transferred from the camp to other locations for their military commission or other purposes.[4][5] Lawyers for some of the other detainees, who faced charges before the Guantanamo military commissions, were initially told that they could not interview the detainees held in Camp Seven. They were told it would be a breach of the camp's security for them to know the camp's location.[6] When the attorneys Suzanne Lachelier and Richard Federico offered to wear the same hoods the detainees wore, to visit the camp, they were eventually allowed to visit the camp, without wearing blindfolds. They were transported to the camp in the same windowless van as the detainees, so they did not know the camp's location.

A recent budget request from the United States Southern Command for new prison construction at the base was presumed by reports to be for the replacement of Camp 7, though specifics of existing facilities were not discussed.[7]