Cytomegalovirus vaccine

Cytomegalovirus vaccine

A Cytomegalovirus vaccine is a vaccine against cytomegalovirus (CMV); such a vaccine is currently under investigation.[1][2]

As a member of the TORCH complex, cytomegalovirus can cause congenital infection. Because of this, there has been considerable effort made towards the development of a vaccine, with particular emphasis on protection for pregnant women.[3] (Cytomegalovirus also has a major impact upon individuals with acquired or induced immune deficiency,[4] but because vaccination of the immunocompromised introduces additional challenges, members of this population are less likely to be candidates for such a vaccine.)

Development of such a vaccine has been emphasized as a priority by the National Vaccine Program Office in the United States.[5][6]

recDB has been suggested as a target.[7]

A phase 2 study of a CMV-vaccine published in 2009 indicated an efficacy of 50%, - thus the protection provided was limited and a number of subjects contracted CMV infection despite the vaccination. In one case also congenital CMV was encountered.[8]