Freud Evaluated

Freud Evaluated

Freud Evaluated: The Completed Arc
The 1997 MIT Press edition
Author Malcolm Macmillan
Country Netherlands
Language English
Genre Psychology
Published 1991 (Elsevier Science)
Media type Print
Pages 762
ISBN 9 780262 631716

Freud Evaluated: The Completed Arc is a 1991 book about Sigmund Freud by Malcolm Macmillan.


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Scholarly reception

The work received a favorable reception from several critics of Freud.[1][2][3][4] It was described by Frederick Crews as "the single most important book about Freud's ideas."[1] Allen Esterson calls Freud Evaluated, "a painstaking scholarly and remarkably wide-ranging historically-based critique of Freud's theoretical framework which will remain an invaluable sourcebook for many years to come."[2]

Cultural historian

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See also

Todd Dufresne calls it, "a strong, comprehensive, although fairly dry, examination of the early history and theory of psychoanalysis".[4]