Hector Molina

Hector Molina

Hector Molina is a Spanish television announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers.


He started his career at WBQN radio as a morning disc jockey and sports commentator. During that time, he served as a color commentator for amateur baseball. Molina continued to broadcast after moving to Chicago where served as a Spanish play-by-play commentator for the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, and Bears from 1982–83 and served as a morning DJ and a news broadcaster for WOPA radio and WOJO radio. From 1998-2000, Molina was employed by ESPN Deportes as a baseball announcer covering baseball playoffs and the 1998 World Series. In 2005, he covered baseball playoffs again, but this time for Univision. He also called Chicago Bears preseason for Telemundo Chicago.

Personal life

Molina is a 1977 graduate of Interamerican University of Puerto Rico where he earned his degrees in social sciences. From 1966-69 and 1973, Molina served in the Army and in 1973 with the Navy. Molina currently resides in Chicago with his wife, their three children, and three grandchildren.

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