John I, Count of La Marche

John I, Count of La Marche

John of Bourbon
Count of La Marche
John I and Catherine
Spouse(s) Catherine of Vendôme
Noble family House of Bourbon
Father James I, Count of La Marche
Mother Jeanne of Châtillon
Born 1344
Died 11 June 1393 (aged 48-49)

John of Bourbon (John I/VII, Count of La Marche and of Vendôme), (1344 – 11 June 1393, Vendôme) was the second son of James I, Count of La Marche and Jeanne of Châtillon.


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He was captured as a young man at the Battle of Poitiers, but ransomed.

After the death of his father and elder brother following the Battle of Brignais, John succeeded them as Count of La Marche.

He took an active part in the Hundred Years' War, and became Governor of Limousin after helping reconquer it from the English. Later he joined Bertrand du Guesclin in his campaign of 1366 in Castile. In 1374, his brother-in-law Bouchard VII, Count of Vendôme died, and John became Count of Vendôme and Castres in right of his wife.

He joined the campaign of Charles VI 1382 in Flanders (which culminated in the Battle of Roosebeke) and fought in 1392 in Brittany.

He rebuilt the castles of Vendôme and Lavardin.

Marriage and children

On 28 September 1364, he married Catherine of Vendôme, countess of Vendôme (d. 1412) and daughter of John VI, Count of Vendôme.[1]

He had seven children by Catherine:


Patrilineal descent


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Preceded by
Peter II
Count of La Marche
Succeeded by
James II
Preceded by
Bouchard VII
Count of Castres
With: Catherine
Succeeded by
James II and Catherine
Count of Vendôme
With: Catherine
Succeeded by
Louis and Catherine