Kansas City Packers

Kansas City Packers
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Year founded 1914
Year disbanded 1915
League championships 0
Former name(s)
  • Kansas City Packers
Former league(s)
Former ballparks
Ownership S. S. Gordon, Conrad H. Mann and Charles A. Baird
Manager George Stovall
C.C. Madison in 1915. He was the former owner of the Kansas City, Missouri baseball club of the Federal League.

The Kansas City Packers were a Federal League baseball club in Kansas City from 1914 to 1915. They finished sixth in 1914 with a 67–84 record, and fourth in 1915 with an 81–72 record.

The Packers moved to Kansas City in July 1913 from reserve clause.

The Packers began their major league life on April 23, 1914 as the visiting team in the first game played in what is now known as Cincinnati Reds.

The Packers’ home season ended early for them, when a flash flood that hit Kansas City after a heavy downpour knocked down the walls of the ballpark, Gordon and Koppel Field. The Packers finished on the road, and ended in sixth place, 20 games behind the pennant-winning Indianapolis Hoosiers.

During the 1914–1915 off-season, the Federal League tried to move the franchise to Newark, New Jersey, but were prevented by injunctions obtained by Kansas City management. The Packers went into spring training believing they would be playing in Newark, but last-minute negotiations led to the Indianapolis franchise being moved instead.

In the course of the closest pennant race in major league history, the Packers led until late August before fading and finishing 4th, five and one-half games behind the first place Chicago Whales, and one-half game ahead of the fifth place Newark Pepper.

Among the men who played for the Packers were Stovall, Bill Bradley, Johnny Rawlings, Chief Johnson, Ted Easterly and Nick Cullop, who won 22 games in 1915.

To mark the centennial of Wrigley Field on April 23, 2014, the Chicago Cubs' opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks, wore the Packers' uniforms.

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, the Kansas City Royals wore the Packers' uniforms against the Chicago Cubs who wore the Whales' uniforms. Wrigley Field also got into the act and rebranded itself as Weeghman Park. On the manual scoreboard, Kansas City's label also bore the "FL" designation for the Federal League.

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