Lichen scrofulosorum

Lichen scrofulosorum

Lichen scrofulosorum
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 A18.4 (ILDS A18.484)
DiseasesDB 34594

Lichen scrofulosorum (also known as "Tuberculosis cutis lichenoides") is a rare tuberculid that presents as a lichenoid eruption of minute papules in children and adolescents with tuberculosis. The lesions are usually asymptomatic, closely grouped, skin-colored to reddish-brown papules, often perifollicular and are mainly found on the abdomen, chest, back, and proximal parts of the limbs. The eruption is usually associated with a strongly positive tuberculin reaction.[1] Of the three tuberculids, the incidence of lichen scrofulosorum was found to be the lowest (2%) in a large study conducted in Hong Kong. This highlights its rarity and significance as an important marker of undetected tuberculosis.[2]

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