List of counties in Connecticut

List of counties in Connecticut

Counties of Connecticut
Location State of Connecticut
Number 8
Populations 118,428 (Windham) – 916,829 (Fairfield)
Areas 369 square miles (960 km2) (Middlesex) – 920 square miles (2,400 km2) (Litchfield)
Government County government (abolished in 1960)
Subdivisions cities, towns, unincorporated communities, census designated place

This is a list of counties in Connecticut. There are currently eight counties in the U.S. state of Connecticut. Four of them were created in 1666, during the first consolidation of the colony of Connecticut from a number of smaller colonies. Two counties were created during colonial times, and two counties, Middlesex and Tolland, were created after American independence (both in 1785). Six of the counties are named for locations in England, where many early Connecticut settlers originated.[1]

Although Connecticut is divided into counties, there is no county government in Connecticut and local government consists of cities and towns.[2][3] County government was abolished in Fairfield County, Connecticut is 001, Belknap County, New Hampshire and Alachua County, Florida are also 001. To uniquely identify Fairfield County, Connecticut, one must use the state code of 09 plus the county code of 001; therefore, the unique nationwide identifier for Fairfield County, Connecticut is 09001. The links in the column FIPS County Code are to the Census Bureau Info page for that county.[4]

Alphabetical listing

County seat
(defunct) [5]
Fairfield County 001 Fairfield (1666–1853)
Bridgeport (1853–1960)
1666 One of four original counties created in Connecticut From the hundreds of acres of salt marsh that bordered the coast. 916,829 626 sq mi
(1,621 km2)
State map highlighting Fairfield County
Hartford County 003 Hartford (1666–1960) 1666 One of four original counties created in Connecticut After the county of Hertfordshire in the UK 894,014 736 sq mi
(1,906 km2)
State map highlighting Hartford County
Litchfield County 005 Litchfield (1751–1960) 1751 From parts of Fairfield County, Hartford County, and New Haven County City of Lichfield in the UK 189,927 920 sq mi
(2,383 km2)
State map highlighting Litchfield County
Middlesex County 007 Middletown (1785–1960) 1785 From parts of Hartford County and New London County Former county of Middlesex in the UK 165,676 369 sq mi
(956 km2)
State map highlighting Middlesex County
New Haven County 009 New Haven (1666–1960) 1666 One of four original counties created in Connecticut After New Haven Colony, founded as a haven in which Puritans could be free from persecution. 862,477 606 sq mi
(1,570 km2)
State map highlighting New Haven County
New London County 011 New London (1666–1960) 1666 One of four original counties created in Connecticut After London, UK 274,055 666 sq mi
(1,725 km2)
State map highlighting New London County
Tolland County 013 Tolland (1785–1889)
Rockville (1889–1960)
1785 From parts of Hartford County, and Windham County Hamlet of Tolland, Somerset, UK 152,691 410 sq mi
(1,062 km2)
State map highlighting Tolland County
Windham County 015 Windham (1726–1819)
Brooklyn (1819–1895)
Willimantic and Putnam (1895–1960)
1726 From parts of Hartford County, and New London County After Windham (now Wineham) in Sussex, England 118,428 513 sq mi
(1,329 km2)
State map highlighting Windham County

Former counties


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