Muhammad III as-Sadiq

Muhammad III as-Sadiq

Sadok Bey (Bey of Tunis, Tunisia)

Muhammad III as-Sadiq GCB (1813–1882) (Tunisian Arabic: محمد الصادق بن حسين‎, Muḥamad es-Sādiq bin Ḥusayn) was the ruler of Tunisia from 23 September 1859 to 28 October 1881,[1] when he abdicated. He signed the Treaty of Bardo with France on 12 May 1881 signifying Tunisia as a French Protectorate.[2]



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Preceded by
Muhammad II ibn al-Husayn
Bey of Tunis
23 September 1859 – 28 October 1881
Succeeded by
Ali Muddat ibn al-Husayn