Nanni di Banco

Quattro Santi Coronati, around 1408-15. Florence

Nanni d'Antonio di Banco (c. 1384 – 1421) was an Italian sculptor from Florence.

He helped create the winning model for the Duomo of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence (1418), under the leadership of Filippo Brunelleschi, alongside Donatello. His sculpture works for the church include the Assumption of the Virgin, just over the Porta della Mandorla.

Nanni di Banco's most famous work is perhaps the Quattro Santi Coronati (Four Saints) group, depicting the Four Crowned Martyrs, at Orsanmichele, completed about 1415 and strongly influenced by the classical tradition. The Four Crowned Martyrs were patron saints of the stonemasons' guild.

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