Roy Campanella Award

Roy Campanella Award

Roy Campanella, the namesake of the award, in about 1953.

The Roy Campanella Award is given annually to the Los Angeles Dodgers player who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodger catcher, Roy Campanella. The award is voted on by all Los Angeles Dodgers uniformed personnel, players, and coaches. The award has been given out since 2006. [1]


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Year Winner Position Ref
2006 Furcal, RafaelRafael Furcal Shortstop [3]
2007 Martin, RussellRussell Martin Catcher [4]
2008 Loney, JamesJames Loney First baseman [5]
2009 Pierre, JuanJuan Pierre Outfielder
2010 Carroll, JameyJamey Carroll Shortstop [6]
2011 Kemp, MattMatt Kemp Outfielder [7]
2012 Ellis, A.J.A.J. Ellis Catcher [8]
2013 Kershaw, ClaytonClayton Kershaw Pitcher [9]
2014 Kershaw, ClaytonClayton Kershaw Pitcher [10]

Other team awards for spirit in Major League Baseball

  • The San Francisco Giants have given the Willie Mac Award since 1980 to "the player on the San Francisco Giants who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership consistently shown by Willie McCovey throughout his long career."
  • The Oakland Athletics have given the Catfish Hunter Award since 2004 to the "player whose play on the field and conduct in the clubhouse best exemplifies the courageous, competitive and inspirational spirit demonstrated by the late pitcher, Jim "Catfish" Hunter."

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