Sanjay Place

Sanjay Place

Sanjay Place (Hindi: संजय प्लेस, Urdu: سنجے پلیس‎) is a place in Agra, India. Sanjay Place is the financial hub of Agra.


The area which is now known as Sanjay Palace was actually a central Jail. Then in 1976 during Indira Gandhi's emergency rule (1975-77) saw the shifting of the Central Jail to a new site outside the city periphery. The space vacated has now been used for the Sanjay Place commercial complexes. The name Sanjay is after Indira Gandhi's son who was instrumental in this shift.


Sanjay place is located between the Paliwal Park & M G Road. Its is close to Shah Market which is the biggest electronic market in Agra. It is also quite close to Raja ki mandi Railway station & the civil court.


Sanjay Place, has got mix of offices, parks & eateries. There are many cinema halls near Sanjay place. Sanjay Talkies, Shah Talkies, Anjana Talkies, Natraj Talkies, Shree Talkies, Heera Talkies, Bhagwan Talkies, Ragunath Talkies are all within a radius of 3 KM from Sanjay Place. It is mainly popular for the various Computer Dealers, Laptop dealers, located in Sanjay Place as well as the food joints like Ahaar, Chawla Chicken, My Kind of Place (known as MKOP), Dominoes, and Cafe Coffee Day. The Holiday Inn (Agra) is also located at Sanjay Place.mkop is the leading bakery chain in agra.

Three of the best schools in Agra i.e. St Peters College, St Patricks Junior college,and St.Francis Convent school are also in Sanjay Place.

There are many restaurant as well as road side eateries in and around Sanjay Place. One can also find UP Handloom shop here.



Coordinates: 27°11′23″N 78°0′14″E / 27.18972°N 78.00389°E / 27.18972; 78.00389