The Scotch of St. James

The Scotch of St. James

The Scotch of St James is a nightclub situated at 13A Masons Yard, Westminster, SW1Y 6BU in London, England.[1] Tucked away at the bottom of an alley it served as a prominent live venue and historically significant meeting place for London’s rock elite in the 1960s. The club first opened on Bastille Day, 14 July 1965 at the height of 1960s swinging London and was a popular meeting place for rock musicians until the mid 1980s.


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The Scotch of St James was where a then unknown Jimi Hendrix first performed, on the night of his arrival in England on 24 September 1966,[2] when he joined the house band Gass for an impromptu session on stage.[3] It was on this night that Jimi met Kathy Etchingham who became his girl freind.[2] On 19 October 1966 the Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first UK gig as a private showcase at Scotch of St James.[4] The club was also where Paul McCartney first met Stevie Wonder, after the latter's live performance at the club on February 3, 1966.[5]

During its heyday in the mid 1960's, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Rod Stewart,the Moody Blues, the Spencer Davis Group,[6] Eric Burdon, The Animals, Goldie and the Gingerbreads were regular patrons and some such as The Beatles and Rolling Stones were given their own tables.[7]

The club was closed down in the mid 1980s.

2012-present day

The club was restored and re-opened by a group of investors in January 2012. After a brief collaboration with Parisian nightclub brand Le Baron between April and November 2013,[8] when the club was named "Le Baron London at The Scotch of St James", it reverted to its original name 'The Scotch of St James' in March 2014.

The new club is a fashionable[9] night club, frequented by the rich[10] and famous,[11] including fashion models such as Kate Moss[12]. The club has also attracted pop stars such as Harry Styles[13]and Rita Ora[14]. Other events hosted by the club include performances by musicians such as Miles Kane [15] and parties for fashion names such as Eyeko[16] and Roger Vivier Virgule[17]


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