Siege of Fort Recovery

Siege of Fort Recovery

The siege of Fort Recovery was a battle of the Northwest Indian War fought at the present day village of Fort Recovery, Ohio, United States. An American victory, it was the beginning of the end of the Confederation of Ohio Algonquians, under the control of the powerful Three Fires Confederation.


After the Battle of the Wabash, in which American forces was decisively defeated by a combined army of Delaware, Miami, and Shawnee warriors, General Anthony Wayne ordered the construction of Fort Recovery in western Ohio. Understandably, this isolated outpost was targeted by the Indian forces.


After the construction of the fort, the Indian leaders split. While Blue Jacket and Little Turtle kept their forces out of battle, the Wyandots and other members of the Confederation besieged the fort. When battle ensued, the Wyandots were defeated.


As a result of the battle, the Confederation was weakened. Because the fort remained secure, Wayne's army was able to advance to northern Ohio, where they won a decisive victory against Blue Jacket at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.