Siuslaw language

Siuslaw language

Lower Umpqua
Region Oregon
Ethnicity Siuslaw people
Extinct 1970s
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sis
Glottolog sius1254[1]
Pre-contact distribution of Siuslaw

Siuslaw was the language of the Siuslaw people of Oregon. It is also known as Lower Umpqua; Upper Umpqua (or simply Umpqua) was an Athabaskan language.

The documentation consists of a 12-page vocabulary by James Owen Dorsey, three months of fieldwork by Leo J. Frachtenberg in 1911 with a non-English-speaking native speaker and her Alsean husband (who spoke it as a second language), audio recordings of vocabulary by Morris Swadesh in 1953. Frachtenberg (1914, 1922) and Hymes (1966) are publications based on their material.


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