Soyuz TM-21

Soyuz TM-21

Soyuz TM-21
Operator Rosaviakosmos
Mission duration 181 days, 41 minutes, 6 seconds
Orbits completed ~2,940
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Soyuz-TM
Manufacturer RKK Energia
Launch mass 7,170 kilograms (15,810 lb)
Crew size 3 up
2 down
Launching Vladimir Dezhurov
Gennady Strekalov
Norman Thagard
Landing Anatoly Solovyev
Nikolai Budarin
Callsign Урага́н (Uragan - Hurricane)
Start of mission
Launch date March 14, 1995, 06:11:34 (1995-03-14T06:11:34Z) UTC
Rocket Soyuz-U2
End of mission
Landing date Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter. UTC
Landing site
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 200 kilometers (120 mi)
Apogee 249.6 kilometers (155.1 mi)
Inclination 51.65 degrees
Period 88.7 minutes
Docking with Mir

From left to right: Norman Thagard, Vladimir Dezhurov, Gennady Strekalov

Soyuz programme
(Manned missions)
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Soyuz TM-21 was Soyuz mission, a human spaceflight mission transporting personnel to the Russian space station Mir. Part of the US/Russian Shuttle-Mir Program, the mission launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, atop a Soyuz-U2 carrier rocket, at 06:11:34 UTC on March 14, 1995. It is of note because its launch marked the presence, for the first time ever, of thirteen humans in space simultaneously - three aboard the Soyuz, three aboard Mir and seven aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour, flying STS-67.

The spacecraft carried expedition EO-18 to the space station, including the first American astronaut to launch on a Soyuz spacecraft and board Mir, Norman Thagard, for the American Thagard Increment aboard the station, the first Increment of the Shuttle-Mir program. The three crew members it launched were relieved by Space Shuttle Atlantis during STS-71, when they were replaced by expedition EO-19. The crew returned to earth aboard Soyuz TM-21 on September 11, 1995.


Position Launching crew Landing crew
Commander  Vladimir Dezhurov
First spaceflight
 Anatoly Solovyev
Fourth spaceflight
Flight Engineer  Gennady Strekalov
Fifth spaceflight
 Nikolai Budarin
First spaceflight
Research Cosmonaut  Norman Thagard
Fifth spaceflight

Mission parameters

  • Mass: 7150 kg
  • Perigee: 201 km
  • Apogee: 247 km
  • Inclination: 51.65°
  • Period: 88.7 minutes
  • First Mir docking: March 16, 1995, 07:45:26 UTC
  • First Mir undocking: July 4, 1995, 10:55 UTC
  • Second Mir docking: July 4, 1995, 11:39 UTC
  • Second Mir undocking: September 11, 1995, 03:30:44 UTC