Soyuz TM-22

Soyuz TM-22

Soyuz TM-22
Operator Rosaviakosmos
Mission duration 179 days, 1 hour, 41 minutes, 45 seconds
Orbits completed ~2,800
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Soyuz-TM
Manufacturer RKK Energia
Launch mass 7,150 kilograms (15,760 lb)
Crew size 3
Members Yuri Gidzenko
Sergei Avdeyev
Thomas Reiter
Callsign Ура́н (Uran)
Start of mission
Launch date September 3, 1995, 09:00:23 (1995-09-03T09:00:23Z) UTC
Rocket Soyuz-U2
End of mission
Landing date Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter. UTC
Landing site
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 339 kilometres (211 mi)
Apogee 340 kilometres (210 mi)
Inclination 51.6 degrees
Docking with Mir

Soyuz programme
(Manned missions)
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Soyuz TM-22 was the 23rd manned spacecraft mission to visit the Soviet Space Station Mir.[1]


Position Crew
Commander  Yuri Gidzenko
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer  Sergei Avdeyev
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer  Thomas Reiter
First spaceflight

Mission highlights

Soyuz TM-22 was a Russian transport spacecraft that transported cosmonauts to the Mir space station for a 135-day stay. It was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and docked on September 5, 1995 with Mir's Kvant-2 module at the port that was vacated by Progress M-28 a day before.


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