The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
Cover by Alan Aldridge
Cover, volume 1 (1969)
Author The Beatles
Alan Aldridge (editor)
Cover artist Alan Aldridge
Subject song lyrics
Publisher Houghton Mifflin
Macdonald Unit 75
Publication date
1969, 1971

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics is a set of two books combining the lyrics of songs by The Beatles with accompanying illustrations and photographs, many by leading artists of the period. Comments from The Beatles on the origins of the songs are also included.[1] The book was edited by Alan Aldridge, who also provided many of the illustrations.[2] The books were published in the UK by Macdonald Unit 75 (later Macdonald & Co) in 1969 and 1971,[3] and in the US by Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence. The book was reprinted as one volume in 1999 by Black Dog & Leventhal, and in a signed limited edition in 2012.[4] Some of the illustrations were fan art solicited by Aldridge.


Artists and photographers featured in the book include:


  • The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, edited by Alan Aldridge. Black Dog & Leventhal/Workman (1999) ISBN 1-57912-058-x
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