The Top Ten Club

The Top Ten Club

The Top Ten Club was a music club in Hamburg, Germany owned by Peter Eckhorn. The address in Hamburg area St. Pauli was 136 Reeperbahn.

Musicians who have played here

  • The Frank Sheen Sound 1966 March. Frank Sheen (Vocals - last seen in Nashville 2006,) John Cushen (bass - lost to music), John Herridge (Drums - lost to music), Jeff Condon (Tpt - last seen with Mark Almond), T.J. Huggett (Organ - lost to music), Bi-polar Mike (Sax keeping the Mental Health services in business). All seven lived in the dormitory above the club, (2 sinks, 1 toilet, no cooking or laundry facilities, no noise in dormitory after 8.p.m. because of the neighbours in the flats on either side).

The Club was being managed at the time, by Ricky Barnes a kind of 'eminence grise' among expatriate musicians in Hamburg. Also on the bill that month were the Summer Set among whose members was Les Humphries who went on to 'discover' Boney-M, marry a Yugoslav princess and lead the South German equivalent of a James Last Band. Feb 1966 one of the bands was allegedly Bluesology, according to what was carved into the woodwork, everywhere) featuring a keyboard player named Reg Dwight who grew up to be Elton John.

  • The Jets Iain Hines (Founder/Keyboards) Pete Wharton (bass), Colin Melander (guitar), Tony Sheridan (guitar), Rick Hardy (guitar).[1]
  • The Beatles, between March and July 1961. The Beatles lived in the attic above the club, and backed Tony Sheridan in their first official recording sessions during this period.
  • Next of Kin South Wales Rock Group (Ebbw Vale) Frankie Allan (vocals) Robert Evans (bass) Dai Johns (Lead Guitar) Mike Ashman (Rhythm Guitar) Alan Snell (drums) played there 1965 lived in the attic above the club
  • Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.
  • The Blackjacks Pat Harris (Vocals), Don Callard (Lead Guitar), Robbie Williams (Rhythm and Vocals), Bob Wilkinson (Bass) and Pete James (Drums) - March, 1963 then Moved onto Top Ten Club, Hannover.
  • Universe. South-Wales rock band. Played 5 residencies at the TOP TEN between May 1970 and August 1971. Members: Michael Blanche(YouTube aka HOLLOPOP), Steve Finn, John Healan, Mike Lloyd-Jones and Rob Reynolds.(Pete Hurley, Steve Keeley, Phil Summers)
  • Strawberry Dust (later became Racing Cars) South Wales rock band, February 1971. Members: Morty, Graham Williams, Jack Bass and Dicky Owen.
  • Quicksand South Wales rock band. 1971. Members: Phil Davies, Jimmy Davies, Jeff Hooper, Anthony Stone and Rob Collins.
  • The Mastersounds - Liverpool R & B Combo - Mal Jefferson (Leader/ Bass/ Vocals), Adrian Lord (Vocals), Tony Cockayne (Guitar ES.175), Mike Price (Drums), Gerry Stewart (Tenor Sax), usually augmented by Ricky Barnes (In-House Tenor Sax Player) and Isobel Bond (In-House Vocals). Occasionally augmented by Iain Hines (Keyboards) and Jimmy Doyle (Drums). August 1964. Sweet Marriage 1969 Tony Merrick, Alan Doyle, Tony Macdonald, Ronnie
  • The Smokeless Zone (Formerly also known as "The Jets") “Plum” Hollis (vocals), Deke Leonard (guitar), Martin Ace (bass), Beau Adams and later Terry Williams (drums), with guest appearances by Tony Sheridan [2]
  • Oswald Orange. South Wales rock band. February 1971. Members: Alice Ennis(guitar)Jeff Smith(guitar) Pete Smith(bass,vocals)John Russon(drums)
  • Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds. South London rock band. Played from 1st Nov, 1961 to Jan, 1962. Wayne Gibson (vocals), Mick Todman (lead guitar), Ray Rogers (bass), Pete Gillies (rhythm guitar) and Larry Cole (drums).
  • Mustard Cheshire rock band 1971. Members : Alan Williamson,Rick Shaw,Alan Hopkins(16yrs), Melvyn Allen, Kenny Jones.


  • Each member of The Beatles were to be paid 35 deutschmarks.[3]
  • The Mastersounds met Sean Connery and the Krupp Brothers in the club. They also were recorded by the secret in-house studio operated by Iain Hines. The songs were released on 45 rpm singles and they had a number of German Juke Box Hits including a No. 1 with 'Ooh My Soul!' - vocal by Mal Jefferson. The records were released on the club's own 'Top Ten' record label.


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