This Boy

This Boy

"This Boy"
Canadian 7-inch single
Single by The Beatles
Released 29 November 1963
Recorded 17 October 1963
Length 2:13
Writer(s) Lennon–McCartney
Producer(s) George Martin
The Beatles singles chronology
"She Loves You"
"I Want to Hold Your Hand"
"Can't Buy Me Love"

"This Boy" is a song by English rock band Past Masters, Volume One compilation. On 9 September 2009 it was re-released on the two CD set Past Masters, as part of the remastering of the original Beatles' catalogue, and was included in The Beatles Stereo Box Set and in The Beatles in Mono box set.


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Its composition was an attempt by Lennon [2][3] at writing a song in the style of close harmony in the verses and refrain (originally the middle eight was conceived as a guitar solo, but altered during the recording process)[6] and a similar song writing technique is exercised in later Beatles songs, such as "Yes It Is" and "Because". The song, in D major, revolves around a Fifties-style I-vi-ii-V doo-wop sequence in 12/8 time before moving to the harmonically complex middle eight (G-F#7-Bm-D7-G-E7-A-A7) and back again for the final verse and fade-out. [3] William Mann describes the song as, " of their most intriguing, with its chains of pandiatonic clusters" [7]

An instrumental version of "This Boy", orchestrated by A Hard Day's Night soundtrack album.


The Beatles recorded "This Boy" on 17 October 1963. On the same day they recorded "I Want To Hold Your Hand", the group's first fan club Christmas single, and a version of "You Really Got A Hold On Me".

They recorded fifteen takes of "This Boy", followed by two overdubs. The song was recorded with a rounded ending, although it was faded out during a mixing session on 21 October.[9] Two takes were joined together to make the final master, with the edit between the middle eight and final verse (1:28).[3]

Alternative recordings have also been officially released. A live version performed on Two of a Kind in 1963 was released on Anthology 1 and two incomplete takes from the original recording were released as a track on the single Free as a Bird.

Cover versions

Robson & Jerome covered the song on their self-titled 1995 album; by a remarkable coincidence, this was #1 on the UK Albums Chart in the same week the Beatles' Anthology 1, which features a version of the song, peaked at #2.[10]

The Smithereens covered the song on their 2007 album Meet The Smithereens!



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