Tony De La Rosa

Tony De La Rosa

Tony De La Rosa
Tony De La Rosa
Background information
Birth name Anthony De La Rosa
Genres Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, commercial metal
Occupations Musician, songwriter
Instruments Bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, vocals
Years active 1986–present
Labels Allied Artists Music Group, Columbia, Warner Bros., Capitol
Associated acts Renegade, Luis Cardenas, Kenny Marquez
Notable instruments
Samick Guitars

Tony De La Rosa is a noted bass player and guitarist, who gained fame in the 1980s as a member of the rock band Renegade.[1][2]

As one of the members of the multi-million selling rocker quartet, Renegade,[3][4] Tony De La Rosa's solid and prolific bass playing and songwriting skills[5] helped propel the band into Latin rock history. Within the Latin community, Renegade and its members have been referred to as "Chicano Rock Gods."[6]

Early years and becoming a member of Renegade

Coming from a family of musicians, Tony demonstrated musical skill very early in life, catching his mother's attention. Herself a gifted pianist, Tony's mother began teaching him to play the piano. Once he became familiar with the eighty-eights, Tony naturally gravitated towards guitar and bass. By the time he was 16 years old, he was playing in local bands. Soon thereafter, he joined forces with the other members of RENEGADE, where he received international acclaim as an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician. During his early years with RENEGADE, Tony played bass guitar. More recently, he has shifted his emphasis to second lead guitar.[5]

Musical influences

As for musical style, Tony is quick to point out that he was raised on a wide variety of music, ranging from big bands to classic rock. Therefore, his influences are both wide and varied. However, Tony counts Prince, The Replacements, Soul Asylum and The Cure among his influences.


Tony's hobbies include martial arts, weight lifting, collecting comic books and toys (everything from monsters to Disney) and art. His favorite food is pizza and chili fries. Tony finds the most relaxation writing and playing music or drawing, but often divides his time reading a good novel.

Renegade today

The band attribute their multi-million success to the fact that egos have never gotten in the way of Renegade's vision. "We feed off each other. It's a very healthy and creative working environment." The band was honored in August 2001 at a David Hasselhoff hosted event at the Conga Room, in Los Angeles for record sales in excess of 30 million units worldwide.[7] According to Allied Artists Music Group, the band has not broken up and may still announce yet another world tour.[8] The band's official website is announcing the release of a brand new DVD concert, entitled Renegade Live @ The House of Blues, that contains some older material, brand new material and a jam session with legendary guitarist Mike Pinera.[9] According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Allied Artists Pictures, a sister company of their record label, Allied Artists Music Group, scheduled release of Renegade Live @ The House of Blues for September 2009 in the United States, with worldwide distribution occurring later in the year.[10]


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