United Nations Trust Territories

United Nations Trust Territories

The world in 1945, UN Trusteeship territories are coloured green.

United Nations trust territories were the successors of the remaining League of Nations mandates and came into being when the League of Nations ceased to exist in 1946. All of the trust territories were administered through the United Nations Trusteeship Council. The one territory not turned over was South-West Africa, which South Africa insisted remained under the League of Nations Mandate, and which eventually gained independence in 1990 as Namibia. The main objection was that the trust territory guidelines required that the lands be prepared for independence and majority rule.

The concept is distinct from a United Nations protectorate, a temporary government under direct UN administration.


  • Trust territories (and administering powers) 1
    • Former German Schutzgebiete 1.1
    • Former German and/or Japanese colonies 1.2
    • Former Italian possessions 1.3
  • Proposed trust territories 2
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Trust territories (and administering powers)

Former German Schutzgebiete

All these territories previously were League of Nations mandates.

Former German and/or Japanese colonies

Palau District Police greet the UN Visiting Mission to the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (1973)
Arrival of UN Visiting Mission in Majuro, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (1978). The sign reads "Please release us from the bondage of your trusteeship agreement."

These territories were also former League of Nations mandates.

Former Italian possessions

Proposed trust territories


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